StrangeLove Festival in Folkestone (17th March 2017 – 19th March 2017)
Animation/Art work exhibited at the Sassoon Gallery as a part of the StrangeLove festival. 

TATE Liverpool (26th November 2016)
A research project developed alongside the TATE Exchange programme. The work looked at ideas connected to Yves Klein’s notions of space and animation.

RCA Guilbenkin Gallery ‘GRIST’ (30th January 2012 – 6th February 2012)
Installation/Animation work shown as part of the GRIST – Work in Progress show at RCA

Rose Art Centre ‘Plane Spaces’ (10th – 15th December 2012, Edge Hill University) This Installation/Animation work
An installation that aimed to provide a physical manifestation of ideas relating to the physical and virtual plane. The show sought to question ideas of space and material in terms of 3D CGI animation.

Hockney Gallery, ‘Primitive 1’, RCA (27th February – 2nd March 2012)
Installation/Animation work
An exhibition that formed part of an on-going practice based research project setting out to explore the material nature of CGI and its relationship with audience expectation. Works invited the viewer to consider 3-D CGI as virtual material in terms of weight, structure, texture and environment.

RCA Guilbenkin Gallery ‘GRIST’ (30th January 2012 – 6th February 2012)
Work shown as part of the GRIST – Work in Progress show at RCA

 MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry Manchester) ‘LOGIC11’ (28th November 2011 – 19th February 2012)
A group exhibition at the MOSI 1830 Warehouse entitled “LOGIC 11” where the show represented a collective response to the concept of ‘the computer’ by artists working in the areas of animation, interactive art and digital media. Via a series of interactive installations, projections and screen-based works, the artists celebrate the potential of the computer, not as a technical tool, but as a creative catalyst with a unique ability to generate, reproduce, embody and present – images, information, experiences and dialogues.

CUC Novas Gallery Liverpool, ‘Projection/Reflection’ (17th August – 29th August 2010) ‘Natural Vision’
Installation/Film Exhibition
Computer technologies rely on systems, loops and repetition to form the basic language structure within which complex information and ideas can be communicated and conveyed. This series of abstract works consider the pace and rhythms embodied within digital computer environments and how these might manifest in images and animations beyond or outside of confines of the computer.

Interactive Art exhibition UNIFOR – Fortaleza, Brazil (25th August 9th September 2008)
The exhibition developed ideas dealing with the relationship between art and technology. The exhibition included live video interaction, single and multi-screen video, and (adapted) commercial technologies. Works aimed to introduce ideas, responses and reactions to the way we engage with digital technologies as well as the notions of ‘seeing’.

MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry Manchester) ‘Art/Machine/Vision’ (OctoberDecember 2007)
Interactive Art exhibition
North West Arts Council funded Art-Machine-Vision Exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry