Alex’ academic research interests relate to 3-D CGI animation where he explores visual perception and the effects of technology on our understanding of space within the context of 3-D CGI. Alex’s interest in animation is through the subjects of Fine Art, experimental image making and subverting technology to expand creative boundaries and the investigation crosses boundaries between animation, art, philosophy, science, media theory, history, with the aim to raise concerns relating to Materialism, abstraction and the digital medium. Alex has delivered academic papers nationally/ internationally relating to this subject and produced and presented animations, exhibitions and interactive installation works that explore this theme via practice as research.

Alex co-directed and co-produced the C.A.K.E (Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange), a week long Sino/UK animation event that took place at Edge Hill in July 2014. Alex was responsible for liaising with Chinese partners, British Council, CICAF and funding bodies. Alex also secured keynote speakers form industry and directed the conference strand of the event.